Understand Singapore Property Market

One of the most talked about things in Singapore, other than its tight governance, its strict laws, or its clean cities, is the property market! You may be surprise why, but many people are looking at Singapore to buy up its properties. Being a small nation, with such a small land size which can fit 5 million people only, land is really valuable here.

And many people when they want to invest in properties, they look at the Singapore property market!

However, is Singapore really a great place for property investment?

Over the past few years since 2010, Singapore property prices have been rising and on the upward trend. So much so that there are many property launches getting many people, local and foreigners alike to sweep up condominiums and private properties here. Some buy houses here just to stay and build a family, while many look at the rental yields they can get from investing here.

There is nothing wrong with buying properties, but there is something wrong when too many people buy and driving up the price of houses here. And this also adds into the credit loan many people have to take up to finance the loans. Unnecessary debt has been increased due to investment opportunities. Low interest rate is also one reason that fuel this demand.

Singapore’s property market is still on the high side of demand, but the government’s cooling measure has been taking effect to bring down the demand, and prevent people from overcommitting in to high priced properties here.

To find out more about Singapore property and its cooling measures and how it has affected the market and the rest of Asia, read more here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Asian_property_market