Finding good piano lessons in Singapore

What do you mean by good piano lessons?

Piano is one of the popular instruments that parents want their child to learn. Nothing surprise about it. There are many music schools that parents can enroll their children into to start piano classes. The piano classes will kick start their child journey in music, and hopefully, they love music and become good at it over time!

However, to find good piano lessons in Singapore is another thing. Warning: Not all teachers in famous music schools in Singapore are good. No doubt that some teachers are equipped with decorated certificates from prestigious schools. But scoring high marks in schools, and teaching piano by passing on the knowledge are 2 different things altogether.

Some teachers are able to play the piano well, but not able to communicate the lessons onto the child. However, good teachers are able to do both. And these are the teachers that you want to look for. And how can you find these teachers?


While most parents go for big certificates of the teachers in prestigious schools, don’t go for those. Yes, you still want to see how qualified the teachers are. But what most important you want to ask from the prospective teacher for your child is the results his or her own students have achieved.

By looking at the results she can help her students to get, you can infer that she can indeed teach the students how to play the piano well, and even better, to score well in exams. This is what you want to find out, and is also what most parents neglect when looking for piano teachers. It’s not about how good the music the teacher can play, but how good her students can play!

Hence, if you want to look for good piano teachers, it is important you use important criteria to select them. If you are looking for piano lessons in Singapore for your child, you may want to check out piano teacher Singapore Valerie, a qualified and experienced piano teacher in Singapore who has helped dozens of students fulfill their dreams of playing the piano.