Learning Piano In Hong Kong

What are the ways to learn piano in Hong Kong?

Like in Singapore, there are many parents who want to send their child to learn piano at a young age. It is believed that a child learn the best in music when they are young, and they are more likely to learn faster when they are older.

piano teacher in hong kong

No doubt there are some truths to it, as we can see many young talented pianist born in Hong Kong over the years! So now, if you want to look for piano teachers in Hong Kong, where can you find?

1. Music Schools.

Of course the simplest way is to go to a music school. A music school has piano teachers to help your child to pick up piano and start his music journey. However, something that is not advantageous for them is that music school classes are usually conducted in groups. Hence, your child may lack one-to-one attention.

You may thought it is okay, but some schools’ music classes come in group of 6, where a single music teacher has to teach 6 students at one go. Hence, even though a school has structure for progression, the divided attention span may not be beneficial to your child.

2. Private piano tutors

Instead of learning piano in schools, you can hire a private piano teacher in Hong Kong, and your child can have lessons at the comfort of your home. With the teacher teaching your child only, you can assure to have undivided attention to your child’s education, and your piano fees will be much more worth it.

On the other hand, not all private piano teachers are qualified, unlike those hired by music schools. Hence, parents have to pay attention and interview the prospective piano teachers properly before hiring them. To hire the right teachers, you should ask for their qualification, experience, and most importantly, the results their students have achieved from their piano lessons.

With these 2 ways of finding piano teachers in Hong Kong, it shouldn’t be a problem for you when you are looking for one soon. If you are looking for piano teachers, then you may want to take a look at this website: www.hkpianoteacher.com by teacher Annie, who has been teaching piano for over 20 years.