Improving your H2 Math Grades With Tuition? Read this guide first!

H2 Math for A levels is considered one of the most difficult subjects for JC students. It is also a very important subject, if you want to enter local university, or apply for scholarship. H2 Math is taken by all science students, and also some arts students. Of course, science students have an advantage in taking H2 Math – They are SCIENCE Students for a reason!

But hey, not all science students are good at H2 Math!

That is why H2 Maths Tuition comes into place. Many students sign up for tuition so that they can improve their grades. However, there are still things you have to know before you sign up for any tuition. Because, tuition is not a miracle pill that if you take it, you will definitely score for your H2 Math. You will still fail even if you have tuition!

Here’s how to get the most out of your dollars in tuition:

1) Attend both your school class and tuition class

Many students thought that once they have tuition, everything will be taken care of. That means, if they don’t understand something in class, they can always find their tuition teacher to explain. Even if they skip or fall asleep in class, it is okay. Their tuition teacher will teach them again.

That’s a serious mistake. That’s the wrong attitude!

The students who see results in improving their math grades are students who keep learning, regardless in class or in tuition. Tuition classes are there to supplement your learning when you fall off track in your school system. Your school is still your main learning centre for your maths, and other subjects.

2) Do your homework yourself

One reason why students struggle with math is because most are not doing. Most are reading! Math is something that needs to be WORKED on, not read and memorized! Many students thought that just by doing some questions, and continue to read the other questions, they will understand the whole topic. Some even referred to answers when doing exercises because they thought they knew it all.

If you really want to improve your math, you should always do your best to get the right answers. Not your teachers, or your tutors will help you solve, until you have tried hard enough. Only through the hard work and headaches of solving those questions, you will learn.

3) Practice ALL types of question

H2 Math is unique in a way that the questions you attempted in school may not be the same type of question you will encounter in exams. Hence, you will always have to keep trying all sorts of math papers and questions out there to expand your knowledge of solving these questions. Get the papers from your school or from your tuition teachers. Practice and more practice. (This is math!)


Above are just some methods that are taught by BrainMatter Tuition Centre when giving tuition to their students. Brain Matter classes are regularly attended by top JC students because of its effectiveness and delivery of top results. If you are looking to improve your examination grades to enter the university of your choice, then you should check out H2 Maths Tuition here by Brain Matter.