Looking to Invest Your Money? Then you got to be creative!

Investing is something like a buzz word nowadays. Suddenly, more people see the importance of investing their money instead of leaving them in the bank. And they just realized how important it is to grow their money with better returns, instead of putting them in instruments that are lower than inflation rate.

However, not are investment are the same. You got to be creative here.

invest in property

Many people just follow blindly, or just do what others do. As a result, they just get average returns, just like the average joe out there.

Since we are talking about creativity here, let’s use an example of a property investment.

When we talk about property investment, the usual way will be investing in a property with vibrant property market like Singapore or Hong Kong. These countries have little land, hence land are expensive, and you can expect higher return from rental yield.

The normal person would just look for properties which are near the central of the city where it will be popular and in high demand. Convenience will help to push the popularity of the property up, and hence, you can fetch more from your tenants.

What about the creative way? Now, many people didn’t thought of that.

Instead of going for the high end central properties, you can think out of the box and get a property which is not far from the central. For example, the city of Singapore will then be Orchard Road, Raffles Place, Bugis, Dhoby Ghaut. These places are very popular, and have one of the highest rents. Of course, the properties there are not cheap too!

Now, if you are creative enough, you can source for locations which are outside of the central, but not too far away from it. Meaning, you can reach the central within 20-30 minutes of public transport. For example, you can invest in North Park Residences, which is a condo project in Yishun.

When you look at Yishun, yes, it is outside the central of Singapore, but what you do not know is the convenience of the residential estate, plus its close proximity to the central of Singapore. You can reach Orchard road in under 20 minutes!

Will the rents over at Yishun be lower? Yes, definitely. However, the property units over at North Park condo will definitely be cheaper than the ones in Orchard Road! This is where you can see higher margins from your rentals. If you need more details of North Park residence, find out more about the location and vicinity of Yishun and the residence here.

Yes, so this is just one creative way to be different from others.

Warren Buffett says when everyone is fearful, be greedy. When everyone is greedy, be fearful!

This is why you have to be creative here if you want to invest your money. Invest it right, and it will reap multiple returns back for you.