How to be creative?

This is a magic question.

Many people want to be creative. They want to know how they can come up with different ideas, to do things the different way, and how they can also change lives, just by being a creative person.

Now, if you are still finding a way to make yourself creative.


You do not have to find anymore!

The reason is, you can be creative RIGHT NOW.

People like to attend creative thinking, creative writing, or creative problem solving classes. But one thing they do not do, is to train their mind to be creative. So How do you do that?

Just do the things that people don’t do, and don’t do the things that people do!

Ok… sounds simple. It just means, go against the crowd.

When you see people queueing 1 hour to buy a concert ticket. Don’t do it. Think, how can you get the same concert ticket, without queueing for 1 hour?

When you see people are rushing to buy property, and taking up huge loans to pay back the mortgage, Don’t do it. Think, how can you get a property, without taking up huge loans?

When everyone is proclaiming that you have to spend thousands of dollars to market your business and build a brand, don’t do it! Think, how can you achieve the same business results, within shorter period of time, by spending less?

That is what creative thinking is all about.

Here’s the bulb for you. Let’s listen to your next great idea.