Grandeur Park Residences – Worth The Investment?

If you have been following property news, you will have heard that Singapore’s property market is still facing a crunch due to the cooling measures. The cooling measures which is meant to suppress property prices has been in place for 3-4 years, and still no signs of being lifted.

But that does not stop investors going into markets to snap up good property deals for investment!

And right now, there’s an up and coming hot property deal in the East of Singapore – Grandeur Park Residences.

It is a private condominium project situated just bedside Tanah Merah MRT. And Tanah Merah is a matured estate with lots of amenities and it is connected to many popular places of interest. The few past condo launches in Tanah Merah are always oversubscribed.

With the Grandeur Park condo launch, will it be the same? Will people shun away because of the cooling measures? Will people see the real value of a condo in a matured estate like Tanah Merah and get it for investments?

If you have been waiting for a good property deal for investment, look no further. Here’s why you can take a look at what Grandeur Park Residence can offer. On top of many things such as great price, this is what you can look forward to:


Yes, convenience plays a very important decision making process when you consider a property for investment. Convenience will draw huge demand because it will improves the lives of the residences! People want to stay in the condo, feel comfortable, and never have to worry about transport or traveling issues.

Here’s how convenient it will be for anyone staying at Grandeur Park.

A few short minutes walk from the house to Tanah Merah MRT

Looking to do some shopping? You can take 1-2 MRT rides to Bedok or Tampines, where there is Bedok Mall, Bedok Point, Tampines Mall, Tampines 1, Century Square. 5 shopping malls!

If you really need to travel to central of Singapore for some shopping, sure! It is just 18 – 20 minutes of MRT ride!

How about some leisure time in the greenery of East Coast Park or Pasir Ris Park? It’s just a quick drive, or 3 MRT stops.

As you can see, every where is within your reach, and that’s the draw of staying at Tanah Merah.

If you are looking for investing opportunities, this is a great opportunity because of the convenience it provides. And you can expect greater demand for units at Tanah Merah, based on historical rental data of the neighbouring condominiums.

If you want to find out more, simply head over to to check out its project details and even be invited for a VVIP Preview to have a priority selection of the units before others know it!

The Visionaire EC – The New Project beside new MRT Station!

Singapore’s property is growing. Despite all the measures put against the property industry, such as ABSD, or heavy taxes to press down the prices, people are still going to buy property for residences or investment. Property developers are still developing projects as well!

The Visionaire Executive Condo is one such project.

It is soon going to be launched just beside the new Canberra MRT station. With its favorable location, many people are expected to snap up this place when it is launched in 2nd quarter of 2016.

Are you ready for the launch?

Okay hold on. Before you get all excited, you must also know that this project is not like other previous executive condos projects. Other projects may be nice and good simply because of their designs and location.

But The Visionaire EC is more than that.

It is going to become the first SMART Home for an Executive Condo project! It is SMART in a way that you can fully control the house with new smart controllers, such as using your apps on your phone. That’s all.

See the video below to understand more.

This is what makes the visionaire ec so special, and so appealing to new owners, as compared to previous projects.

That’s not all. The Visionaire Condo will also have the following features:

  • The Visionary Leading SMART HOME EC
  • HiLife Lifestyle Features Application for Owners
  • Minutes to Canberra MRT Station
  • Near Canberra Plaza, Sembawang Sports and Recreational Centre
  • Developed by Multiple Awards Winning Developer Qingjian Realty, the Top 10 Developers in Singapore for consecutive 3 years
  • Lifestyle facilities with 2 Clubhouses, Private Dining Room, Dance Studio, Music Room, Library, Karaoke Room,
  • Free Sports Activities & Dance Classes & Many more!

Yes, if you see clearly, it will just be like your condominium, but at the executive condo price. If you are a Singaporean looking to purchase your first home, then this visionaire condo could be your best ever investment!

If you are keen to find out more about this EC project, then contact the appointed sales team – James Sim at 8363 8260. Or visit this page for more information about the project :


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New Property Launches in Singapore Before 2015

Singapore’s property market has taken a big hit in 2013 with countless government measures to keep the prices of property in Singapore down. This has somehow slow down the sales of many private property launches. However, there are still many launches that are attractive many buyers.

Before 2015 comes, we will continue to see more launches out in Singapore! Yes, this is in spite of so many curbs and regulation to the real estate market here. However, that has not dampen the moods of the buyers. Singapore is still seen as a great place for property investment.

What are the latest launches to the end of the year?

If you are a keen investor and looking to buy Singapore new private condominium launches, then here are some that you should consider:

1. Nine Residences

Nine Residences at Yishun is a unique development because of its residential and commercial property development. It is just like a 2-in-1 package that ensures residents who stay there can have the best of both worlds. Condo facilities and Junction 9 shopping complex to provide for all their needs.

2. The Venue Residences

The Venue Residences at Potong Pasir is the up and coming condominium and its favorable location allows you to get to many places in the central easily. Great property for investment.

3. Alex Residences

Alex Residences is situated right in Redhill which is a prime area in Singapore. It’s central location is what will attract most buyers to the new condominium. A great site for investment with high rental yield.


4. Marina One Residences

This is a brand new property launch that is unlike the other. It is a joint development between Singapore and Malaysia. It is situated at the prime location of Marina Bay, the central of Singapore, and its located right beside the Marina Bay MRT, making it a hot location for buyers and investors.

Check out these sites and go down to their showroom for more information!

Looking to Invest Your Money? Then you got to be creative!

Investing is something like a buzz word nowadays. Suddenly, more people see the importance of investing their money instead of leaving them in the bank. And they just realized how important it is to grow their money with better returns, instead of putting them in instruments that are lower than inflation rate.

However, not are investment are the same. You got to be creative here.

invest in property

Many people just follow blindly, or just do what others do. As a result, they just get average returns, just like the average joe out there.

Since we are talking about creativity here, let’s use an example of a property investment.

When we talk about property investment, the usual way will be investing in a property with vibrant property market like Singapore or Hong Kong. These countries have little land, hence land are expensive, and you can expect higher return from rental yield.

The normal person would just look for properties which are near the central of the city where it will be popular and in high demand. Convenience will help to push the popularity of the property up, and hence, you can fetch more from your tenants.

What about the creative way? Now, many people didn’t thought of that.

Instead of going for the high end central properties, you can think out of the box and get a property which is not far from the central. For example, the city of Singapore will then be Orchard Road, Raffles Place, Bugis, Dhoby Ghaut. These places are very popular, and have one of the highest rents. Of course, the properties there are not cheap too!

Now, if you are creative enough, you can source for locations which are outside of the central, but not too far away from it. Meaning, you can reach the central within 20-30 minutes of public transport. For example, you can invest in North Park Residences, which is a condo project in Yishun.

When you look at Yishun, yes, it is outside the central of Singapore, but what you do not know is the convenience of the residential estate, plus its close proximity to the central of Singapore. You can reach Orchard road in under 20 minutes!

Will the rents over at Yishun be lower? Yes, definitely. However, the property units over at North Park condo will definitely be cheaper than the ones in Orchard Road! This is where you can see higher margins from your rentals. If you need more details of North Park residence, find out more about the location and vicinity of Yishun and the residence here.

Yes, so this is just one creative way to be different from others.

Warren Buffett says when everyone is fearful, be greedy. When everyone is greedy, be fearful!

This is why you have to be creative here if you want to invest your money. Invest it right, and it will reap multiple returns back for you.