A Creative Way To Build A Team Fast

Whenever we talk about building a team, there are always many options available. People suggest going out for some drinks after work, some bonding sessions over short trips, or even simple board games at the boss house to get to know one another.

These are really just some methods used by many teams out there. However, if we want to break down into a detailed analysis of how teams come together and how strong teams are really built, then you will realise that strong teams are not build just by going for meals together.

There is a creative, and in fact, a better way to build a team fast. This method will work for companies and teams who are getting new people into their organisation, and have to get everyone to understand each other and work together. However, this method will only work if everyone participates.

And this method is…

A Motivational Team Building Program. 

Nah Nah… before you go ahead and blast ‘it’s just another program’… wait wait. It is not your usual team bonding program over meals, or some ice breaking games. This type of programs has been in the market for a while, and most of these programs are only accessible to top management teams executives.

And it is also not your typical motivational program! Yea, you may have heard of those kinds of program that get you to shout at the top of your voice, to move and run and to force yourself out of the comfort zone. True enough, these techniques do work definitely to help bring you and your people towards a higher motivation level.

Now, a motivational team building will be one that is a combined program of building a team, in a motivational way. And this is equally effective for people who are new to the organisation, and people who have been working in the organisation for some time. The purpose of having a motivational team building program is to get everyday together, start on the same course, work on the same objectives, with the same mindset.

Imagine this. You bring a group of people together to complete a certain mega project. You know all their individual capabilities, but you are unsure of how they will work together when everyone is involved in the team. This is because, everyone has different work experience and work backgrounds, hence, even though they are skilled, they may not be mentally prepared to work with people they don’t know!

Hence with a program like this, you sit everyone down in a location and be fully focused on the objectives of the program. They will go through a set of activities and challenges as part of the program. The program will definitely get them to interact and mingle with one another.

But that’s not all about the program. If the program is effective, they will also ‘frustrate’ the people by making the challenges difficult. This will get them to think and solve problems together – and that is what will happen when working in a team!

Many people underestimate the power of working in teams and solving problems together. They though that if people are smart enough, they will work with others to solve the problems.

NO! It might shock you if you realise that many people have silos mentality, which means they will only believe in their own ability, or only work with people they care most, and never about people whom they don’t know.

Hence, by being frustrated during the activities, they uncover the strengths and weaknesses of their new found team members and realised how they can work together. As the activities are ‘harmless’, it is meant to simulate real life situations that the employees will face in their real war zone – their business setting.

The amazing thing is that when the participants complete the whole program together, they will not only be just friends who can share their life over a coffee, they may also be best working buddies with like-minded thoughts and ideas.

Therefore, if you are determined to build a strong team fast, don’t just go for fun activities. Yes, it will bond the team, but it might not translate into better working relationships at the workplace – which is ultimately the best result you want from a teambuilding program.

There are many team building companies in Singapore, but if you are truly determined to build a strong team with motivational elements, then we will recommend Deep Impact Team Building, a company which also conduct leadership training courses and motivational talks. With a combined expertise, they are able to deliver team building programs that fits to your objectives.


Do you need some motivation right now? Here’s a classic motivation video. Show this to your team mate to motivate them!